Thank you for your interest in entering your writers’ group into our International database. This is a FREE service. This will be a long-term project and we hope to make it a great place for people to discover writers’ groups in their city, or related groups in their genre’s.

Please complete the information requested. We will not be releasing to the general public the phone number or email address that you provide to us. We do not want scammers to raid our site and steal your information, thus why it will not be posted.

If you have a logo for the group, please do add it to the system. It is not required, but it adds to the appeal.

The description you are being asked to submit, must be 100 words or less. Just like a great author selling their book, a writer’s group should have a short comma to the point statement to promote their group.

If you choose not to submit information, that is ok too. We will list what information we have for writers to still discover you. However, those that have the most information will be presented in the format as seen on this

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at