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Authors Interviewed

Aired Jan 31, 2018 - Award Winning Author & Speaker
B Alan Bourgeois, the founder of Indie Beacon and many other organizations that support Independents explains the value of Indie Beacon
Aired Feb 7, 2018 - Award Winning Author
Laura Eckroat has a collection of fun children's books. Her years of teaching experience helps her to create these wonderful tales.
Aired Feb 14, 2018 - Award Winning Author
Richard is a voice over coach for Audio books. His book Author's Guide to AudioBook Creation, is valuable to any author.
Aired Feb 21, 2018 - Author Services
Josh, Marketing Director for IngramSpark.com talks with us to explain what Ingram Spark is and what it can do for Indie Authors.
Aired Feb 28, 2018 - Author Services
Bublish is a publishing technology company that offers cloud-based tools, metrics and resources to equip today’s business-savvy authors for success. An innovative, award-winning platform, Bublish empowers “authorpreneurs” by providing a complete social marketing and digital publishing solution. Launched at Book Expo America in June of 2012, Bublish is changing the way writers share their stories and reach their readers. Thousands of authors around the world use Bublish to promote their work and build their brand. www.bublish.com
Aired March 7, 2018 - Author Services
Storyrocket.com is a unique Marketplace that connects great written works with the Global Production Community with the goal of producing film, TV, theater or web. Storyrocket is a Miami based startup founded by Media Executive/Screenwriter Ron Karasz and 2 time Emmy-winning Producer Ana Benitez with extensive experience in the Entertainment Marketplace. The pencil-shaped rocket is a registered trademark of Storyrocket.com.
My thoughts focused first on my dear mother and how she was betrayed by her husband. This was the beginning of my writing and releasing my novel "A Marked Woman".
Aired March 28, 2018 - Author Services
We created Ripl to empower every small business owner to build an amazing brand. Most of us on the Ripl team have had a front-row seat in the social media marketing revolution. Many of us also are small business owners – just like you.
A Book Shepherd is simply this: a person who has a depth of experience within the publishing and writing fields; has connections with vendors and associates that will bring your book concept and vision to life, creating the actual book; someone who has marketing moxie and understands book selling, including the alternative and niche markets; and someone who is an enthusiastic coach for your “baby.” A book shepherd should have a clear understanding of how to write a book … and how to publish a book. The Book Shepherd you need on your side is someone who knows the publishing field, a true how to get published expert. Judith Briles is.
Aired April 18, 2018 - Author Services
As an unpublished or self-published author, it can be a relentless struggle to attract a significant amount of attention to your book or manuscript. By purchasing a Kirkus indie review, authors can have the opportunity to build some name recognition and get noticed by agents, publishers and other industry influencers. Kirkus has been an industry-trusted source for honest and accessible reviews since 1933 and has helped countless authors build credibility in the publishing realm ever since. Browse through some of our author success stories, and get a glimpse of what exactly an indie review from Kirkus can do for you.
Aired April 18, 2018 - Author Services
I gained a passion for human development through assessing children during two years of pediatrics residency after finishing medical school. Working with abused and neglected kids, I could see unmistakably the impact of trauma on growing minds and hearts. Here I’m talking about the emotional heart, which deeply feels the pain when our needs are not met – not just physical needs, but emotional, mental, and spiritual needs as well. I switched to psychiatry, continuing my developmental perspective with the “mentally ill.” In each symptom or behavioral challenge of these adults, I could hear the inner child relaying the truth of his or her traumatic life and the effects, which included delayed development. Wanting to inspire people to hear and help this wounded child in themselves and others, I began writing. As a Toastmaster of over ten years, I enjoy public speaking too. I also love assisting people in discovering what is holding back their development and working it through, so they can go on to fulfill their destinies. When we don’t choose to fulfill our destinies, an injury, illness, storm, or disaster may just come our way, reminding us why we are here…
Author Services
WRITE. UPLOAD. SELL. - Choose your list price. Choose your digital stores. It’s as easy as clicking a checkbox. You can track your sales daily with detailed reporting and make unlimited changes to your content for free. SMARTER SELF-PUBLISHING. - We’ll convert your Word document into an ebook with clean chapter breaks, a functioning table of contents, and optional endmatter to help you generate more sales. Want to print it? We can do that too. Readers Crave Books But finding great stuff is hard. We're 100% indie and 100% awesome at finding books that will make you happy. With our new Books2Read Universal Links, your favorite authors can share one easy link for a new book, and you'll be able to find it at your preferred store. Give us a try, the service is free! You can manage your Preferred Store, learn more about Books2Read, and be the first to hear about exciting new releases.
Author Services
Michael J. Hawron studied electrical engineering and behavioral sciences at the Sloan School of Management at MIT before taking a long break from his formal education to travel the world, reflected in his writing debut; Entertaining Detours. Hawron recently released his second book, The Little Town With the Big Heart.
Author Services
After service in the Navy, George moved his large family ins search of work as many families also had done decades before. The family had moved to California during the dust bowl and settled in the Central Valley. It was not an easy time for Jesse buy he learned how to survive and developed his imagination and love of the old west, often imagining himself riding horses across the Great Plains or following the trails of the wildlife that seem to plentiful as a child. Getting an education was not at the top of Jessie’s thinking t that time, and he paid the price for it many times in the future. However, through the years of dreaming of a different life, Jesse was able to break that path and move on to figuring out that he had a natural gift for art and at 50, taught himself sculpting. Sculpting spurred his imagination, which led to the writing down those stories which he had been keeping in the back of his mind, and all the new stories yet to come. The future is just now starting anew for Mr. Beard.
Author Services
What is Indie Lector? Listen to this episode and learn why founder B Alan Bourgeois has created a bookstore that is dedicated to Indie Authors and Indie Readers. You will learn about his years of devotion to helping Indie Authors succeed by learning how to market and sell themselves and their books.
Author Services
Texas Authors & Indie Beacon continue to grow strong providing Authors from around the world opportunities to learn more about marketing for Authors and their books. In this episode we talk about the Authors Marketing Event and other programs designed to help Indie Authors to succeed.
Author Services
Roy Clinton is a psychotherapist and Western author who divides his time between Texas and the Canadian Rockies. All of his books are about real places and are historically accurate. As a fourth generation Texan, he has lived his in Texas his whole life. He loves everything western. Most of all, he loves the western culture. Cowboys may have a rough exterior but most he has known are true gentlemen with hearts of gold and integrity in abundance. Roy writes about these western heroes and the places they live and travel.
Author Services
Dart Frog Books has been around for over a year helping Indie Authors to get the additional exposure they need and helping them to get placed into Indie Bookstores around the country. This is a paid service that can be of great value to Indie Authors and Small Press. They will have the authors books reviewed by professionals from the Publishing Industry who specifically look at key aspects of a book to determine if it can sell. This includes, but not limited to Cover Design, Interior Layout, Quality of Writing and much more. Learn more at DartFrogBooks.com
Author Services
Born and raised in Lufkin, Texas, Ransom Grey learned the love of literature from an early age. Though always an avid reader, he began writing in middle school and won his first state-wide writing competition at 13. He began working on his first novel at the age of 15 and quickly developed a love for writing fiction. At 18, Grey won the prestigious National Merit Scholarship Competition and enrolled in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Liberty University. Grey graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Liberty University Honors Program with a degree in graphic design and is currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration in Marketing with the Liberty University Graduate School. In addition to writing, Grey is an avid photographer, designer, and coffee drinker.
Author Services
Laura Oles is a photo industry journalist who spent twenty years covering tech and trends before turning to crime fiction. She served as a columnist for Digital Camera Magazine, Memory Makers Magazine, Picture Business, PhotoInduced and others.
Author Services
Kevin Tumlinson is an award-winning and bestselling thriller author, with books available in hundreds of countries worldwide. With a long-standing career in film, television, radio, and podcasting, Kevin is a seasoned world traveler and has produced documentary programming and films ranging from historic aviation to military history. His debut thriller novel, The Coelho Medallion, was a 2016 Shelf Notable Indie award winner.
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Dorothy Tinker may not have been born in Texas, but she has certainly lived here most of her life. As an only child, she grew up telling herself stories of fantastical worlds and creatures, of plots in space, of strange other cultures. At the age of thirteen, writing became her passion as she discovered that the stories in her head could find a home on paper.
Author Services
We Place Your Book by the Bedside in Luxury Hotels Bedside Reading® is a new program that evolved from over sixteen years of celebrity and VIP product placements, through Madison & Mulholland and the Hampton Gift Bag programs. Bedside Reading: We place your book in the room where it happens. Our carefully vetted books are placed directly into the rooms of 5-star, business and beach hotels where the world's most powerful influencers stay. To learn more about Bedside Reading, please visithttps://www.bedsidereading.com/
Author Services
Dawn Husted holds a BS from Texas A&M University. When not writing, she’s either camping or dreaming about camping. She lives in southern Texas with her husband and two kids. She is a member of SCBWI and has completed editorial work for the travel blog, A Backpacker's Tale.
Author Services
Sue Hawley is the mother of five adult children who is determined not to have empty nest blues. She lives with her husband, Jack, in an old farmhouse in Bath, Ohio. Hot Flashes/Cold Cases is her debut novel.
Author Services
Marieta Hutchison grew up in Kyle, Texas. She now lives nine miles down the road in San Marcos – home of Spring Lake, one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in North America. She is a retired teacher who enjoys telling stories to all who will listen, or to a captive audience like her grandchildren.

Membership Organizations

Florida Est. 1983
The Florida Authors & Publishers Association is an organization for authors, publishers, independent publishers, illustrators, editors, printers, and other professionals involved in the publishing industry. We are focused on providing the highest quality of information, resources, and professional development to members and others interested in the writing and publishing profession in the state of Florida.
Texas Est. August 2011
Texas Authors, Inc., is a membership program designed to assist authors in learning how to better market and sell themselves and their books. It was established in August 2011 and is the only organization in the world of its type.