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There is no doubt that the world has gone crazy with Social Media. It can be a great tool that supports people, businesses, and even authors, but it also has the power to hurt. A challenging aspect of Social Media is when authors tell the world about something doesn’t work for them and then determines that it will not work for others. This kind of dialogue can not only damage a fellow author but set a negative tone against the author who wrote it.

We run into this issue a great deal when we send out notices about a program or app that we’ve tried and does or doesn’t work for us. We do this only after testing it thoroughly. And as with anything, the results that we arrived at, may or may not work for someone else.

However, this is where reviews of products come in handy, and we encourage YOU the membership, to share your comments about a program, event, etc. and let other authors know what YOUR results are. Your honest review can help another author determine if that program, event, company, or app will work for them.

We also read and follow various journals and programs to stay on top of new trends to help guide the membership, so they can use Social Media to the best of their ability.

There is a move to become less engaged in Social Media with Facebook and Twitter being the ones hit the hardest, as they have been around the longest. Also, they are the ones that have the most users compared to the other 300 plus systems out there.

One of our goals as TxAuthors is to create a Social Media system designed specifically for authors and readers as a part of our overall program to be more creative, independent and supportive of authors in general. However, this is also a costly endeavor that may not happen soon enough.

Keep in mind that people are drawn to what they like, including what type of books they read. For this reason, what may work for one author may not work for another. So, just be careful when you are on Social Media and make a blanket comment about whether something is good or not as the ‘final and only’ go-to factor. Remember, you are unique, and your results are related to You and not someone else.

You Work Hard for Your Books Sales, Don't Waste Your Money

UPDATE - Info about Commun.It has been added sinc ethe publication of the original blog.

Commun.It- Recently has changed their polices that better fit their financial needs and not yours. For anyone who has been with them for a period of time, you would probably not notice the change. For new people, hopefully you caught the change.

Commun.It is set up as either a free service to gain followers, or as a paid service. As a free service, they will send out tweets and postings from your account without your notice and or approval. What is wrong with this is that your account can be sending out tweets and postings of other companies and people that you may not agree with, support, or even want listed on your feed. This can damage your reputation and your brand.

If you want them to stop sending out the tweets/postings, they want you to upgrade to their service for a hefty monthly fee. This is a form of blackmail. If you send a request for them to stop, they will discontinue your account immediately. There is no middle ground with them.

Therefore, unless you are comfortable with them sending out tweets/postings under your name, that you have not approved, cancel your account and advise them why.

What little service you get from them finding you followers, is not that great, nor of value to pay a monthly fee for their services.

With our partnership with Texas Authors, Inc., will test out products and services to see if they have value in promoting or selling your book. This is the current list of companies that we do not recommend and the reasons why. There is no need for you to waste your money and get little to no results promoting your book(s).

It should be noted that this is based on our use of their program, and each person may have the same or different results. We post this on our site to help you to be more educated in how you spend your money. – Why pay $30+ a month to promote a website book store that doesn’t promote you? True, an 80% commission is great, but will you sell thousands of books over a year to justify the expense. Plus, they have top selling books on their site, so all the promotion to them only adds to their sales of everyone else’s books, including best sellers…again, how does that help you?

Authors Uproar – their website is incomplete and full of ‘additional’ products you don’t need. – Operates several websites that you pay to have your book promoted. The AwsomeGang promotion lumps you into a list of books being promoted via email, so you get lost in the shuffle and there is not a set genre for each email. It’s anything and everything in the mix.

BookShout is another book promotion email program that promotes more than one book in their email.

If you pay for book promotion you should be the only book promoted either in that email or in that twitter moment. A link should be going directly to a page where they can see and read more about your book and then purchase directly from that site. If you are one of several books, then people will skip over you and you have wasted your money. In addition, the email that your book is listed in should be for books in your same genre, not books from every genre, or a group of books from one genre that has absolutely nothing to do with your book.

Originally appeared in Publsihign Perspective on December 19, 2017 by Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief

What will kids be reading in 2018? Scholastic editors issue five predictions about what children’s book trends will be popular and successful next year.

‘Just the Right Book at the Right Time’

In a series of five points, the editors of Scholastic have set out predictions of what they think will be the top trends in children’s books for 2018:

1. More books will highlight strong female characters

2. Kid-friendly nonfiction will continue to grow as a draw

3. “Iconic series and characters” will return with new stories

4. Fantasy worlds and creatures should maintain popularity

5. Activity books will be engaging, especially in the STEM arena

Publishing Perspectives reported in early February on Scholastic’s biennial Kids & Family Reading Report, and this new set of observations is, in part, based on what came to light in that report.

In a prepared statement on the newly released round of predictions, Scholastic Book Clubs president Judy Newman is quoted, saying that the company’s editors gain deep insight into their market and its potentials, not least because they must “feature a wide range of choice all year long in our monthly, in-classroom flyers.

“Their expertise,” she says, “helps more children find just the right book at the right time to encourage a love for independent reading.”