Now that the first draft is more or less done, the story takes 123,904 words and 425 pages to tell, not including the glossary and a section called Historical Context. Together, they’ll add about two thousand more words when written.

If you’re a real statistics nerd, according to MS Word, the manuscript has 678,143 characters including spaces in 3,514 paragraphs and 22 chapters. All in all, it has a mere 11,954 lines of text.

By the time I get through the editing process and cut some passages, add some scenes, take words out, it may still be in the 120 – 125K range, but who knows because I haven’t done it yet. What’s odd is that when I edit the manuscript the first time, I find passages that are duplicates, notes from my outline that never got deleted and all kinds of other debris left over from my writing. And, I often use ten words to describe something that only needs four.

Does all this matter? No. Two things matter. One, I got The Assassin out of my brain. And two, when I finish the editing process, what matters is that a publisher will take it on and you get to read it!