Level 1 - Basic

Welcome to the newest program from the creative mind of B Alan Bourgeois: Indie Beacon

Indie Beacon is based on his other programs that he created for Texas Authors, Inc., and DEAR Texas, Inc.  Indie Beacon will shine the light on Indie Authors and give them the tools necessary to stand out above the crowd of authors from around the world.  This will be accomplished through a variety of programs and events.

Membership in Indie Beacon will give you access to the following current items, and during the course of your membership, as new programs are added, you will get to enjoy those benefits as well.

• Weekly emails with the latest information relating to marketing and selling of books.

• At least one interview on the Indie Beacon Radio Show per year. 

• Promotion on Twitter & Facebook for the author – Simple promotion of the author and their book (no image for level 1)

• Listing on a Website with Pic & short bio of author and a link to their website or Amazon page for purchase of books

• Discounts on events when available, such as the Authors Marketing Event and other programs when available.

• Access to our professional database

• Access to Alan for consultation services at a discounted rate.

• Affiliate link for recommending members to Indie Beacon that pays 10% of membership fee.

This membership program is only available to non-Texas residents.


Duration: 1 year
Price: $50.00