Consulting Services
Writing organizations are a great source for guidance and support during the writing process.
Editors help with the flow and style of a book. They will guide you in correcting problems, or giving suggestions to make it flow better, smoother.
A Proof Readers job is to look for errors in grammar and mechanics within a manuscript once the editor has done their job.
Your book is going to press and the cover is the first item people will see. If it doesn't catch their attention and demonstrate what the book is about, you've lost them.
Many people live very busy lives and while their work may encourage a book to be written, or they just don't have the skills, a Ghost Writer is a person who will write the book for you.
An author wants to write, not market. Unless an author has a ton of money to spend, they need to learn marketing. This is a great way to do it at your speed.
Do you have the right picture to express who you are for your book?
Winning a contest can help set you apart from the millions of other authors. However, make sure you are getting your money's worth from the contest.
Your family and friends DO NOT count as book reviewers. Having a great review is a plus to sell your book.
Get the word out about your book is critical and bloogers can help.
TV, Radio, Press Releases, all are good sources to help promote your book.
Are you lost and need help getting your book published? Having a consulant can help you along the path to publication.
These organizations and companies do not fit within the normal classifications, but can be valuable to your marketing and promotion programs.