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Indie Beacon is a family of services designed to help the Indie Author in learning how to market and sell their books. We are a membership-based program that is not only cost effective, but it also creates a family of authors sharing ideas and concepts.

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Radio Interview

Indie Beacon will interview one member each week to help spotlight them to the world. The interviews remain in the podcast system for as long as Indie Beacon exists. The best value for marketing you!

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The most valuable part of our membership is our weekly newsletter Guiding Light that is email to you & advising you of the latest programs, apps, etc., that can help you market and sell yourself better.

Indie Lector Store

This unique online bookstore is scheduled for a Fall 2019 opening. The concept is simple, give Indie Authors opportunities to earn more on the sales of their books, while connecting serious Readers (Gravis Lectors) to them.

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Indie Lector Store

A percentage of our profits support our Literacy program DEAR Indie. This program will get books into Title 1 Schools & Libraries when possible.

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A directory full of professionals eager to assist you as you publish and market your books.

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A variety of services will be offered as the site continues to support you as you market and sell your work.

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What others are saying

Award Winning Author Team
B. Alan Bourgeois is committed to help authors succeed. His Author Marketing Certification is not only unique but it provided a good learning experience as Charles and Rox grow The Enigma Series. One of our favorite avenues has been the DEAR Texas and now Indea Beacon radio interviews. We have shared our story and learn a lot about other authors. Interesting and evolving. Thanks Alan
Award Winning Author
Thank you for all you do! This letter of encouragement (Long Run Blog) is definitely needed!  TA has helped me immensely since just last April in so many ways! From introducing me to new (or at least new to me) programs; the various outlets for exposure, like the book festivals; to meeting new authors at the conference and festivals. These connections are what makes the journey fun, and lets me know I’m not alone! I appreciate you and your crew, and the hard work y’all do!
Award Winning Author
"This organization is very supportive of literacy and Texas writers."
Award Winning Author
"Alan is a fearless, visionary leader of Texas Authors Inc., providing unique marketing tools and education to Texas authors. "

What others are saying

Award Winning Author
B. Alan Bourgeois is driven by a passion to help Indie Authors succeed. He works tirelessly ferreting out new opportunities and implementing new programs and ideas to ensure their success. I have never known a more dedicated and selfless individual. 
Award Winning Author
I wouldn’t be where I am in my journey today if it weren’t for Alan and Texas Authors. It’s an amazing organization. It’s actually more than that. It’s an awesome family full of crazy, creative people that all have one thing in common…we love to write and share our work with the world.
Award Winning Author of the Hamilton Troll Series
The things you can accomplish, the imagination and creativity for all of the projects you’ve done – I am simply amazed.
USA/NY Times Best Selling Author
You gave an awesome presentation and your passion and drive to help Texas authors really shined through.
Your services and your author support is Epic. Some won’t understand how it is applicable to sales, but those of us who have also been doing this going on 15 years appreciate the time and effort it takes to support authors. Please don’t get discouraged because it’s hard for people to see the benefit of using the supporting tools you provide. What you have created is amazing.